Our family care provider is passionate about serving Intervale, NH area patients

Going to any healthcare office can be distressing for little ones, and switching primary care providers can be daunting for adults. But everyone in your family will feel at ease when you visit Lozier Medicine LLC. Our comfortable office space is designed to help you relax, and our friendly nursing staff can answer any questions you might have while you wait for our family practitioner to see you.

NP Valerie Lozier is board-certified and has been practicing family medicine since 2002. After realizing there was a need for family care providers in Intervale, NH, she opened her private practice in 2020 to serve area residents of all ages. NP Lozier continues to expand her knowledge of primary care best practices to provide outstanding services to her patients.

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It's not too late to seek treatment for substance abuse

Contrary to popular belief, substance abuse isn't a character flaw. Because habitual drug use can significantly alter a person's brain chemistry, substance abuse is considered a disease.

Good news for anyone struggling with substance abuse in the Intervale, NH area: Lozier Medicine offers addiction assistance treatment that involves...

  • The use of non-opiate prescription medication
  • Substance abuse counseling through a qualified third-party provider
  • Proactive, steadfast support from NP Lozier and her highly trained nursing staff

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What's a safe, easy way to get rid of wrinkles?

The answer is cosmetic injectables. NP Lozier is certified to administer Botox and JUVÉDERM injections, which can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips and forehead.