You May Need More Than Willpower to Quit Using Drugs

Look into our addiction assistance program serving Intervale, NH and Surrounding Areas

Many people think that addiction is a matter of discipline, and that habitual users can quit at any time. However, the staff at Lozier Medicine LLC understands that substance abuse is a disease. And like with any other serious illness, substance abuse disorder treatment involves the use of medication.

We offer addiction assistance in Intervale, NH in the form of medication-assisted treatment. NP Valerie Lozier, our resident practitioner, will...

  • Prescribe non-opiate medication to help lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms and curb your cravings
  • Refer you to a qualified counselor and follow up with you while you're receiving counseling
  • Provide the support you need to achieve your goals

Every patient recovers at a different pace, so we're prepared to support you for as long as it takes. Take the first step toward recovery - sign up for our substance abuse disorder treatment program by calling 603-730-5507 now.